Sunday, June 23, 2013

LOCALLY GROWN...a strawberry treat box

who does not like strawberries? 
i haven't met one person who does not like them. 
i love them in smoothies, i even put a bit of hershey's chocolate syrup when making them, :P

this time my strawberries come in a pdf doc from the cutting cafe and this treat box is a darling to work with.

Locally Grown
not including the handle this box measures approximately 3-1/4 inches high by 6-1/2 (from strawberry to strawberry)---but you can resize it to your liking.
you know i cut by hand, and i am just saying it again because sometimes i have to get creative.
 those tiny seeds are bigger on the file but my hands are bad so i got mine from the negative residues of one of my paper punches, hehe. so, do not let not owing a digi cutter stop you if you like these files. just have to get creative and make with what you have in your stash. wink-------

a pic from above

i attached the handle with some tiny eyelets

see the cute sentiment? i love it....i am all for locally grown, recycling, re-purposing...oh yeah!
i love the pretty flower too. 

there are so many files at the cutting cafe and they are so reasonably priced. you get a lot for your buck there. this is why i am so happy to be in the dt. i get to showcase some of the files and enjoy myself while making them. it has been a great journey so far.

also, you will find tons of inspiration for all kind of projects. 
have fun and thank you for stopping by.

---below is the info about this strawberry treat box file all linked to the cafe---


  1. I will be the first to say that STRAWBERRIES are one of my favorite foods...i mean serious LOVE LOVE THEM.....this is the cutest darn treat box ever.........

  2. I just had a bowl full today :) They even look yummy on your treat box!!! I love your little flower and sentiment too. Very nice ♥

  3. Love your little treat box. You can even put those little strawberry candies in it.

  4. Fabulous treat box Agnes I like the pretty starawberries!!

  5. Very cute. I like the textured paper you used. It makes me want strawberries.


Have a fun day!!!