Friday, August 16, 2013


hello all...
just that you know (wink)
i have been doing bits of "this n' that" around the house after been very limited. 
my lower back has been giving me a lot of grief for a while now, finally went for an mri that showed a very bad slipped disk and it is the
reason for not posting much lately. i still hurt but better after some steroid injection. 
now, i am playing catch up with blogger, etsy and household chores. 

in the meantime i wanted to share these small pouches that will hold any small goody for gifts or treats.

they are so very easy to make but a bit of time consuming since i made all from scratch. i did not even used my cricut.

i cut a 5" wide x 3" tall piece of designer paper, folded it in half and opened it again. i used a one inch circle paper punch to cut off a half circle you see on the front top (but you do not have to) to make it easy to access the content, glue the sides with your fav adhesive (i used my adhesive tape runner)
 and, there is the base for your treat. i had made the mini tags a while ago so i just proceeded to stamp on them with some of my g-studio clear stamps. i used jute to attach the mini tag and go around the pouch. 

(i made them for my etsy shop (hence all the info on them) but if i do not sell them i will use them for the few "trick or treaters" on our street).

hope these mini bags give you some ideas for your own. if you do not celebrate halloween, they are also perfect for any other yummy treats, small gifts and mini trinkets.

i hope you have a great weekend and thank you so much for stopping by.

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