Monday, August 12, 2013

SNAPSHOT...using some chipboard from the artful delight card kit

hello all

these days i am onto making this type of smaller but long card. i think they look so cute and different from the squared ones or a2 size ones.

this one i called 
snapshot and i also added a thanks.

if you read the lyrics on the song paper from pebbles: camp song, you will understand why i added the thanks and the snapshot is for the view of life.

i normally have some kind of meaning of what i do and why i do it but i do not write about it. this time i wanted to get your attention to it. it is my way of thinking and is all in my creative process, hehe. we are not all alike and can't pleased anyone but nature is something so beautiful and i thank you our creator and do lift my hands for it and bow my head too and bend knee also. lol.

Thanks for the Snapshot
3" x 5"
there is not all of the song but get the idea what i am talking about.
if you want to read the whole hymn, you can click here (yes, i looked it up, lol)

this is the other side of my card and you can see all the added dimension these pretty chipboard from fancy pants add to my card. (i cut off the top (charm part) of the snapshot in case you are wondering, :P)

the floral paper is also from pebbles and is called wildflowers.

and finally the entire card and the awesome size i am loving so much lately.

all my supplies are from the august card kit from artful delight (except the thread and black border which i made using a fiskars punch). they also have scrapbooking kits.

hope you liked the meaning of my card and the beauty within.

as always,
thank you so much for stopping by.

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