Wednesday, February 18, 2015


hello all, 
did you have fun last night with our ceo and team?
it was lots of fun trying to keep up. i failed. no way i was keeping up with all of it.

anyway, i am happy for us cricuteers explorer. our future looks so good.
and mr. ashish (cricut ceo) is one of the kind.
i think we all love him. he has been trying so hard to earn our hearts back and they way i see it, he is succeeding. 

anyway, with all the snow and pain here and there...the days just fly and i did not have anything done from the bits and pieces cart
i had found this free svg (they have other freebies) at a new site called digiplayground and i  had made this cute little box for valentines.
oh please, DO NOt type 
digital playground or it will take you to a porn just happened to me, oh my!
the name is 
(maybe they should think of another name because typing the wrong key can take you on that other site). lol.

.......and here is the candy box i used as a love post notes

digiplayground free svg
-thank you digiplayground for the freebie-

box: 3" x 8"
 heart (outline) from george and basic shapes (M36415): 1" x 1.25" welded to love post from wild card (M34A03)

arrow from boho graphics (M33222): 2.4" x 1.7"

mini heart on arrow: 1.2" x 1.36"


 mini cards: 2.5" x 6" 
(scored and folded at 3")

mini cards hearts: 1.5" x 1.75"

just a note from wild card (M307F8): 1" x .9"

envelopes from smiley cards (M418E7): 5.66" x 4.2"

i think it turned out really cute. 
i had room for 6 mini cards and their envelopes for the size i chose.

i stamped the wavy postal lines on the envelope using a g-studio clear stamp i had on my stash. the mini heart was punched out.

NOTE: i tried to include all the number id's and where the cuts were from but some i can't remember. that is one thing i want to have on design space: the ability to find/see what cart was used after being added on the virtual mat and then be able to save all that info.
i do not know if they do have that option or not, but i can't find it.

you can make these darling boxes any way you want: any other size, colors, events and use them as desire.

digiplayground is having a dt call. 
go and check them out.

have a great week
and again, 
thanks for taking a peek.

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