Wednesday, March 4, 2015


 i am putting to rest bits and pieces with this post. 
not that i have fell out off love but, because i love it so much, lol.

these are 3 of the many notecards with inserts in this bits and pieces cricut cartridge.
 -nice bright colors, huh? hehe.
actually they are not as bright as they look but the sun was out today and shining on them, yay! 
maybe some of the snow and ice starts to melt a bit.

i will start with the first one i made
 the bee one
how cool is that bee, huh?
the id#'s i will be adding (when i do not forget) are the assigned numbers in the cricut explore design space software. (for those new to the cricut family)

card w/insert: id#M100B18
size: 4-1/8" x 5-1/4" and with the insert comes out 6-1/8"
(but of course , you can cut them at any size you want)
the bee id# is MFB7F1 and was cut at 2-3/4" x 4"
the design on the notecard front are hexagons and that is why i chose the bee as an accent.

the second one i made was 
the congrats one
id#: MFCF16
i added this other bow id# MFB0A7 as a backing for the open dots from the insert bow.
(i think it looks better this way) 
and added the congrats id# M35ED6 on the open window.
the congrats word is from the stamping cartridge.
size: 3" x 4-1/16 tall and with insert goes up to 6-1/16"

and the third one was
a nightmare
so pretty but you have to fold it perfectly or the flaps won't match neither the insert and i did not know how to keep it close so i added a band around it to keep it shut.
on this first one i tried it with the flower and a bit of temporary adhesive but it was not working.
so, i added a band around it to keep closed
and, adhered the flower to the band instead to the one flap.
i also altered the insert and just cut a rectangle and added it to the center. this way you still have another color showing through and you still keep your sanity, lol.
-like this- 
oh, and the color is purple not blue as it looks on the prior pic. i can't never get a good purple on any of my pics :(

id#: M100C08
size: 3" x 5" when closed
the insert (rectangle-use any rectangle) was cut at 2.8" x 4.9".
WARNING TIP: to get the size of 3x5 of the notecard you need to cut it at 5.87" x 10-1/2". (MUCH BIGGER)
the flower id# is MFB230 cut at 2.4" x 2.46"

i won't be adding many sizes from now on because at the end you decide what size you need or want them to be, right? so i won't bored you w/them :)
(these are my playing sizes)

well and this is it for now.
hope you like them and inspired you to come up with some other color combos and elements to coordinate them.

thanks for taking a peek!

(and update on the wanted to be tabs: haven't done nothing with those tabs so i might be taking them down until i am ready if i ever will be ready.
these days i just can do less and less.
have all these ideas but can't accomplish them as desire. it is what it is. i think i just should stay with etsy and donate a percentage to charity from the items i sell and try not to take anymore i can handle).
sorry about the pity party but wanted to let you know how things are marching down, :)

see you!

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