Tuesday, November 24, 2015

SANTA'S MUSTACHES...a must see

absolutely adorable.
this svg file was not for santa's but we can do whatever we want to do, right? lol

Santa's Mustaches
3-1/8" x 4-1/4"tall
if you look in the digi playground store you will find this cutie under carina gardner's files or in the search box as:
"mustache shadow box sliding card".
i really like the shadow box effect.
i used some super thick cardstock i have in my stash covered with red paper.

the mustaches are covered with stickles sprinkled with some fine glitter. i was looking for the glue that looks like snow but couldn't find it. then i thought i could have used some texture gesso or something similar, but oh well.
i think it looks pretty anyway. :)

this is the sliding part of it. it does not move the mustaches tough.
 it just slides on the back of the card, just that you know. :D

is a video where miss carina gardner shows another shadow box sliding card.

and, this is how the svg file looks like in the store.
mustache shadow box sliding card
it has been linked for your convenience.
they have many other shadow boxes with different themes and orientation.
check them out. 
they are really cute!

and this is it for today.
hope you enjoyed it.

and once again, thanks for stopping by the hut.



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