Monday, February 1, 2016

ART JOURNAL/YOU MAKE MY HEART SING...playing with mixed media

you should know by now i like to dab here and there and my style is all over the place or eclectic like some call it and because of it all i do too like mixed media and that is nothing new but i haven't played with it for a while so here i

-you make my heart sing-
(you can click on the pics for a bigger view)
 you should also know i hardly ever plan my projects and this one is no exception. i normally just go with the flow.
all i knew was i wanted to use some stamps, some spray inks and some texture paste.

if you want to have some fun but are a bit intimidated, please, do not be.
i just carelessly....wet the paper, sprayed the inks, stamped, used textured paste (using a stencil i made from a heart paper punch), added twine, a piece of corrugated cardstock (from a previous project), embossed the chevron heart, added some flowers, some sequins, some stickles and that is all i did. i did not use the word carelessly lightly, belive me. i was really care free.
i like the unplanned and the fun in throwing things together and see what happens kind of attitude. sometimes if i think and i plan too much things do not turn out nice and easy.
have you have those moments too? i bet you have.

the heart, the phrase, the snake skins, the birds...are all from dollar clear stamps. well, not the snakeskins, they are from inkadinkado but the sequins are from a dollar pack too. the prima flowers i had forever in this tube with hundreds of flowers (i think we all bought the same tube at one time or another). hehe.
the pp is an oldie from mme. oh, the chevron heart's flower center is one of the mini hearts from the stencil covered in golden glitter. so cute!

and here is the entire picture. not too shabby, huh? for being thrown there just for fun.

want to give it a try? go ahead and have fun. do not over think it. just go with the flow.
impress yourself, you can do it too.

thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


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