Thursday, March 3, 2016


hello all,

i want to share with you a 3d project i made with a samantha walker digital file and it turned out super adorable and i know you are going to love it.

please know this is a photo heavy post. 
i wanted to capture all sides and details.
int this pic you see where i will display my mouse cart. it will stay here for a while. it looks really nice and the colors match with the background, :D

i used my cricut explore and its software to open and cut the file.
the mat i used is a 12x12 but the software will say you need a 12x24 but do not pay attention. it cuts just fine on the 12x12.
NOTE one of the canopy sections is not attached just yet but the entire cart base is. you will attach that layer later on. it makes it easier not being attached at this point.
(sorry about this pic, it was a bit cloudy when taken)

here i am showing the left side and right side of its face.
adorable, isn't it?
the patterned papers i used are from mme: away we go collection (6x6)

 these pics are showing left and right sides again.
see those diminutive parts of the bike. well, they cut perfect. 
check the size of the pedal, it is actually two to pieces, lol. 

  you won't be able to attach both parts completely but do not worry because that is how it was designed. 

i recommend a good strong adhesive and for the base a nice thick cardstock.
i added some extra details:  stamped a subtle pattern on shirt, edge of papers were inked for more definition, some wet embossing on the ice cream and on the tiny round parts on the wheels. 

like it, huh? i think they can be great for a birthday party decoration, as favors filled with candy, as a gift box and who knows what else you can think of i am not.
3D mouse-cart Box
the mouse cart has been linked to their store, if interested.

let us know if you make one, and show us too, please. we would love to see your take on it.

thanks for stopping by!

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