Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Hello all!

Today I am sharing a note card set made using an A7 "Brown Bag" envelope.
It has 3 matching notecards.

A brown bag envelope, a sheet of kraft cardstock, glue, and some embellishments are all you need to make ths set. Picture #2 shows the envelope flap. You need to glue the flap as if you were sealing an envelope.
After the envelope is sealed off, cut 1-3/4" off the top or bottom making sure your width is 5-1/4".   TIP: After you cut the top, snip 1/8" off the bottom part. This will ensure your base fits the top, if not, it will be a very tight fit. Remember to glue that side close. It should now be a 5-1/8" instead 5-1/4".
You will also need to cut the notecards and some strips of cardstock for the top. I cut the note cards at 4" x 4-1/2" and the two strips at 5-1/2 x 1-1/2" and 4 x 1-3/8".
The last pic shows some embellishments and the embossing plate I used for the embossing. This pic also shows the thin 1/8" brown strips I used for framing.

The embossed background looks grayish but actually is a baby blue ink color. The brown bag envelope embossed very nice. I love the geese too, they are die cuts I pieced together.

These are the note cards. The sentiment on the side is from Oprah Winfrey and it reads: "Biology is the least of what makes a mother". Fabulous. I bet many of us can truly relate to this saying.

 "Crimped Envelope Pocket Card". 

Thanks so much for your attention :)
I hope you give this cutie a try.

Cut Cardstock Supplies Used:

Mono Multi-Purpose Liquid GlueBrown Bag Kraft A7 Bag flap envelopesBlank Kraft A7 folded cards
Gloss Black
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