Saturday, October 29, 2016


Something to share:
I had bought a Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolor set and some Teton 4x6 flat cards from Cut Cardstock. I had them for a while now and played with the watercolors and had used the Teton for die cuts already but the other day I was thinking how much I really liked the texture of the later and it was a thick cardstock and wondered if it could work for watercolor paints.
Well, you can see the results in the above pic...Awesome match!
I did use a brush that didn't hold much water and mixed a tiny bit of paint on my craft mat and voila...I did glaze 3-4 times over the sunflowers which by the way is an old stamp of mine and the cardstock did buckle a bit but you can put it in between books or something heavy to flatten it. The diagnose is it took the water beautifully and the watercolor paint so well. I thought you might want to know especially since the Teton is so very reasonable priced right now. This is my personal opinion I thought to share with you, if interested. I haven't tried it with markers yet but I might do so when time permits.

Here are a few more pics:
I used Memento ink because it is waterproof and it dries very fast.

I started with a very watery brown wash and bits by bits added some scarlet red and then some mid yellow. The centers were colored with mid green. The blue background was also a mix: blue and cobalt blue.

You can still see the beautiful texture of the Teton, better in real life.

I added the pics below for your convenience.

Hope you are happy you read my post, lol

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