Saturday, May 6, 2017


I had entered a Paper Smooches giveaway (you know how much I like their dies because all they need is one pass through your manual die cutter, and I just love that plus their prices are so very affordable) and I won. Yay for me!!

It indeed brightens my day. Kim is so sweet and she kept in touch. She even emailed me from her honeymoon to apologize for a bit of delay in shipping. Who does that anymore? and from her honeymoon, WOW! this kind of gestures is what really shows what we are made of, right? I was truly appreciative and I have to give high kuddos to this girl.
Thank you, Miss Kim, you are such a sweetheart!!!

Anyways, here is what I picked because I love their font and this way I have all the letters handy for my projects.


Well, I can't wait to start blogging for good again. 
I have a procedure scheduled for May 9th and it will be the beginning of a few more but I am still around and still loving paper. So...counting on God who has kept me sane and strong while on this journey, I will be back. 

Hang in there my friends and Thank you so very much to all who have kept in touch. 
I love you all.

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