Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The first photo are the bushes from this morning, by now the are completely covered.
I have no idea how many inches but at least 12 inches.
I have also been feeding the birds all day long. 
They haven't stop coming and/or eating despite the weather conditions. 
A couple more pix  from the neighborhood and of Lulu with her outfit from Christmas, scarf and all. 
What a DIVA! 


  1. YIKES! You're in for the long haul! Looks like Lulu's ready, but what, no matching boots? :D

  2. How cute is Lulu? Love her outfit. I haven't got quite as much snow as you maybe 12 total. It had stopped by around 5:00 today. I hope it's done. I haven't left the house in 5 days AGGH!

  3. I was going to take some more pics of the snow but it didn't stop!! I think we have like 20 from last week and another 15 from today!

    btw ~ Love Lulu!! So cute!

  4. Wow! It looks beautiful but it's waaaay more than a notion. Ohhh, Lulu looks so cute! Looks like she's ready to go!

    Oh, saw your vote, girlfriend! Good luck!

    I'll be seeing you

  5. Lulu looks nice and festive ready for all the snow.
    Love the triangle card. but you know I love all of your cards :)

  6. perhaps the unrelenting snowfall is the god's telling lulu what not to wear!!! lol! you know i always have to speak for the fur babies! i am going to make the triangle card today for ds valentine's card...the shape will creat a spark of discussion!


Have a fun day!!!