Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hello and Good Morning!
It's almost 12N here and I was working with the Center Point
since yesterday I did not have the time.
I almost forgot it was Thursday and I needed to post the  
Wild Card.
Today we are featuring the Triangle Card, # 14 and on page #45.

My Triangle Card
4-1/2 inches

Lisa's Triangle Card

I have to say I love the color combo Lisa used with the smilie face it makes it so real retro.
If you please, go to Lisa's Blog to see more on this card and her other projects.

Thanks for following our progress!!!

I am very sad... I just noticed I lost one of my followers, do not know who or why but I certainly hope I did not write anything offensive and hurt that person. If I did, my sincere apologies to her.


  1. These are just gorgeous. This is one of the cards in this cart that I just could not "see" until I saw what other people had done with it. I don't know why the handbook confused me so much lol.

    BTW Your lost follower may have just been overwhelmed with her own life or it could have been something technical. I had been following another blog by email, then I figured out how to follow it on Google so I added it to my google list and unscribed a few days later from the email. Perhaps she'll send you an email, but try to to worry : ).

  2. Wow! My friend, those cards are gorgeous!!! Love them!

    I'll be seeing you!

  3. Cute cards! I will have to try that one in my wild card series soon..tfs!

  4. Im so inspired!! I want to make my own wild card series ... thanks so much =D


Have a fun day!!!