Monday, June 14, 2010


Hello my friends

I just came back from the gym...yeah! I still thought I was going to quit, uh? LOL
I haven't lost a pound yet and this week is my fourth week. Of course I am not following any specific diet,
just watching what I eat but I still have trouble with that
sweet tooth I have in my mouth. 
I think I am going to pull it out, lmbo.

Anyway...I am here because I made a card last night. Since I purchased the G, I haven't hardly used any of the carts that came with it. I really like the images on Gypsy Wanderings and that is what I used last night. 
I looked and saw this adorable boat and since one of the new
Lite Cartridges is called B is for Boys it came to my mind that B is for boats too, lol (what a goof, uh?)

I set the size at 5 inches and used  the hide contour on my G for first time (much easier to use than on DS), then I flipped the image on the left and did the welding.

 I cut the welded images on white Wausau Linen cardstock. Then I added three more boats on my G screen/mat  at 4.75. I used three 5 by 5 squares of cardstock (red, blue and kraft) and cut. I then cut those boats in different pieces to assemble my boat. I did some texture to the mastil with my cuttlebug and faux-stitched around everything.

These are some rub-on's I added to the inside and more faux-stitch.

These are the inside sides.

and this is a close-up with the MPS Birthday Fun clear stamp.

I am so surprised about this beautiful image right there in the Gypsy and I did not see it before.

Hope you like it and find this post useful.

Psss! nobody has guessed yet what I did with the money.
I will wait until Friday and then I will tell.

Thanks for stopping by!

 I will have Wild Card #48 tomorrow.
I can't believe I am almost done with them.

Have a great day!



  1. If you did not enter Emma's throwback Thursday you should! She has given the challenge to use Red, Blue and Brown and you have certainly done that my friend. Great card!

    Jenny Kozar

    hmmmmm - $25 what did you spend it on ....... scrapbooking supplies

  2. What a nice card, my friend! I've had my Gypsy for a while and I can count the number of times I've used it on one hand, and only then because I wanted to use features from 2 of the carts. I'm going to have to pull it out and get re-acquainted with it again; I'm beginning to feel old, antiquated and left-out!!! LOL! I guess I just love my E as much as some people love their Gyspys.

    I love your card (as usual)!

  3. Well, you haven't lost a pound cause you're turning fat into muscle! Your card is awesome! I bought my Gypsy from ebay on Friday for my b-day on Thursday...I'm SO excited to finally have a G and can't wait till it gets here! And Girl, Thank you SOOO much for looking out for me! I was SO excited (great prize, huh?) and I got there in time! You Rock and that meant SO much! Thanks!

  4. Awesome card. I wish I could get the Gypsy Wandering images but I just don't want to buy a G.
    Way to stick with the gym, that's great!

  5. Oh is this ever CUTE Agnes! You know how much I loved shaped cards and this is terrific! xxD

  6. This came out PERFECT my friend! Thank you for joining my throwback Thursday challenge!
    Big Hugs,

  7. LOOOve it! So cute..I may have scraplift one of these days! :)

  8. Am I surprised you are stilling going to the gym? No! Am I confused on how you keep turning out stunning card, after beautiful card, after amazing card, after the cards that make me drool, after... (Okay you get the point.) yep - confused. Don't you ever have an off day?! In other words, I love it! :)Hugs, Kris

  9. Love the welded boat! Awesome job!

  10. This is sooo awesome! I am loving it! Thank you for following me I am honored! XOXO Momo

  11. Thanks for stopping over at my blog my friend, I love this card and what great details like the embossing for the post and the wonderful stitch work very beautiful card TFIM

  12. This is an Adorable card. You really brought that boat to it!!!

  13. Left something on my blog for you!!! Just a lot of love!!!

  14. I don't use my Gypsy much either, but I would love to make this cute card. Thanks for showcasing it :)


Have a fun day!!!