Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hello my friends! 
I was just at the Cricut MB and what a mess this Cricut Circle has brought in to the board.

  and...I almost forgot about the Wild Card.
This is a very simple and beautiful card. I didn't make any fuss over it.
I think if you add too much, it will take away from it.

Shower Card
8 inches
(this is the max on a 12 by 12)
 I just took scraps of cardstock and put them behind the open cuts and
n the back of them I used a long piece
of the same American Crafts white cardstock I used for the base of the card and cover them.
I used those flowers to cover a mistake.
(my yellow cardstock peeled right on top while trying to get adhesive off of it) 
I also added some rhinestones for a bit of a bling. 

I used a My Minds eye 12 by 12 paper to make the envelope. The envelope has a nice shape to it.
You can customize it to your needs too.

Well, this is it for now.

 I hope you enjoy this simple card and I bet it look even better without the Prima flowers I had to use to cover the boo-boo.

Hugs to you all and have a nice day!

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  1. Your card turned out great! I started this card a couple months ago, and still have in my 'to be finished' pile! I think I was trying to do too much to it! Maybe I'll finish it...one day. lol

  2. This is really pretty Agnes! You really have inspired me to get out the old Wildcard. I rarely use the actual cards from it but I REALLY like this. Love it all, even your booboo. Boy, as if the mb needs any more of a mess. I've lost patience with waiting to comment and I'm not even gonna tell you what I think of that Cricut Circle. xxD

  3. Terrific! - Left you some love on my blog.

  4. saved your button on my site and became a follower


  5. Your card is fantastic!!! I love it and all the colors -- it's a happy looking card!

    I haven't been on the MB in a while; last few times I was there it was just so slow. Now I'm hearing more awful things -- think I'll just stay away a bit longer. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon. I really hate disorder and disruption!

  6. Hey chickie! Thanks for the imspiration! Check out my blog today. xxD

  7. Great card! I would have never known there was a boo-boo under those flowers lol. I love all the colors under the white cut-outs. TFS : ).

    BTW, did I read you had an etsy shop?

  8. Yeah! I started selling on 2008 I believe but then I started my blog and neglected Etsy plus they have so so so many on paper crafts your listing gets buried almost immediately. But I want to start it again.

  9. I love how this card turned out. XOXO, Julie. :0)

  10. Beautiful card Agnes... Love the cutouts and the bright colors!! And you know I love the added bling. GF you shouldn't have said anything about the mistake... we would have never known!!! Have a wonderful day!!! Hugs!!!

  11. pretty card..you could make this card for Christmas make it look like stacked Christmas gifts.

    Hugs, Sheena


Have a fun day!!!