Thursday, June 3, 2010


I am not in love with this card at all. 
I do not like how it came out but for lack of time I didn't make the other version. I wanted to be kind of true to the original colors of blue and silver but for some reason I guess I left my mojo behind today.
This is what I got and please leave me you options
or tips how would you make this one more attractive to the eye.
This is card # 46 from page # 77 of the handbook.

Despite the fiasco I proudly present you 

My Hanukkah Card
5 inches
The blue cardstock base is from Debbie Mumm. I believe the silver one is from DCWV.
 I added Glossy Accent to the star after changing the color a bit with a marker.
I added stickles to the candles and embossed the darker blue paper.
 This is the inside and I outlined the phrase with my Cri-Kits black pen,
not that you can see it well on the photo.

I know you guys are very sweet and you are going to say it's perfect but I know is not me...not my style.
 But...that is what came out today :(


UPDATE: My pearls were too big for the star but I found this little rhinestones ones on a pack I have in my stash. They were pumpkins but you can take the tiny jewels apart and that is what I did.
I definitely think it looks much better.
Thanks again for your input ladies.

Here is the new and improved Hanukkah Card
 What do you think?

Hugs to all!


  1. Ok.. here are my 2 cents if you are giving a
    penny for our thoughts. (doesn't that sound
    a bit off?)

    :) .... It's simple. But most cards I've seen
    (that I remember) with Hanukkah design are

    If it were me I might would try to put some
    (silver if you have it) pen dots or dashes on
    the silver around the star. Or even light blue.

    That's all that I can come up with.

    I'm glad you mentioned the glossy accents
    because I would not have realized that as
    the picture does not reflect the shine to well.

    Nice job! :D That's a free cent from me 2U

  2. It turned out great :D, sorry but it did. It can be hard to work on things out of season (I've only been working on Christmas gifts, not deocorations or cards yet).

    But I when I think of your work it's usually reds, yellows, oranges and bright bright blues (I could be wrong of course, but that's what I remember seeing lol). I also think that when we struggle with a project, it can be harder for us to see the beauty of it.

    I had to open DS to see where all the pieces came from. I've learned so much about this cart from your hard work. Thanks for sharing : )

  3. I like it!! Yes its simple but I think most Hanukkah cards are. I celebrate Christmas so for me its bright reds and greens. Sometimes we are harder on ourselves than we need to be! Thanks for sharing these cards.....great job!

  4. I really do think the colors and bold graphic style suit the occasion perfectly. I guess if I had to experiment with more I'd perhaps try some sliver adhesive beads (big surprise, LOL) along a few protions of the star (in 3's, not along the whole thing) xxD

  5. I love the simplicity of this card ! I think its just different for you as its not with as many bright colours as you usually use . I like it, don't be too hard on yourself :-)

  6. These are great suggestions. I already tried the silver pen around the star and it was hard to see, then I went over the star with a blue glitter marker from AC and it wasn't working for me either. I will try the little pearls and see. Thanks for all your input. I deeply appreciate you are there with me. :)

  7. I know nothing about Hanukkah so can't comment on it. But I think the simplicity of it is fine. :-)

  8. I like this design. Especially since, as I understand it, Hanukkah is a time for understated reflection.

    I know the colors are perfect.

    ... hmmm ... I'm a little bit of helpful today, aren't I? :)

  9. Agnes, I have to agree with everyone else.. The simplicity of the card is beautiful, and most Hanakkah cards are on the simple side... You are just being way too hard on yourself!!! I think it's beautiful!!! Have a wonderful Friday sweet friend, and a better weekend!!! Hugs!!!

  10. I think they may have more silver, but really I think you did a fantastic job. It's a great card as far as I'm concerned! I've tried to figure out what's not to like and I can't!

  11. I think it looks great! The rhinestones add a really nice touch.

  12. You know something...I think they are awesome. You may not love it, but I sure do!!!


Have a fun day!!!