Thursday, October 28, 2010


I made these cards just because I have so many supplies from other companies I need to use. Of course, I will be listing them on Etsy not that I have been having a great response there. There are so many new sellers, the listings get buried among others super fast. If you have an Etsy shop, you know what I am talking about. I have been blogging for a year now and I did not listed anything on Etsy during that time. It is like starting new again.
It is nice making cards the old fashion way, when I did not have my cricut and I had fun with them.

ETA: I should clarify I love my cricut and I love using it but I do love making NON-CRICUT cards too and I just made this cards, they are new.............but just made the old-fashion way........when I did not have my cricut yet, lol
These are the cards I just made.
A Card Set
A2 size

and these are some pics of my neighborhood so you can see some of the beautiful and rich colors of the leaves at this time of the year. They were taken today.

Autumn Splendor
in Agnes' neighborhood :)

and Thanks for all the sweet comments on "Playing with Serenade" finale.
It will take me a few days to go back and see who commented the most here on my blog. I am sorry but I can not take in account the comments you left to my friends on their blogs.
We will do something together again but it will be after the holidays.
Love you all!


  1. Lovely cards and I have a bunch of pre-Cricut cards too. I finally brought them into work and if I need to send something out during the day I send them. I think I still have over 50 to use. But that's ok as I am replenishing and making a stash of the new ones. TFS

  2. Oh, I love your non-cricut cards! My fave is Laugh & Love! I love the embossing and lace! But, love them all! I love non-cricut cards sometimes! I love the neighborhood pic, too! Gorgeous! we get some pretty colors here, but I don't think quite like that! Hugs to you!

  3. These are lovely cards, Agnes. Isn't it fun sometimes to go back to the basics. Thanks for sharing the photos showing the pretty autumn coloured trees - we don't get many here in Queensland.

  4. Fantastic cards love the paper and embossed images you did. Your so super creative!
    I love the picture you posted too, so pretty! its beautiful!

  5. Pretty cards!!...I dunno every time I try and make a card with no Cricut on it I feel guilty..cause I paid for the carts and but that is me. I think your cards turned out so great and very pretty..I think my favorite is the 1st one with the big blue bow. I also love the pattern paper. Your picture of the leaves are pretty..I think all of ours are off the trees after the other days wind storm..

    Hugs, Sheena

  6. Old fashioned or not they are all lovely.

    :) TR

  7. These are beautiful - thanks for sharing.

  8. Sometimes all you need is pretty pattern paper, to make great cards like yours! Love them all

  9. Love the embossing and butterflies. Great non cricut cards. :)

  10. Really pretty cards Agnes, love the embossing on the butterfly card!

  11. So pretty!!! Every one of them!!!

  12. These are gorgeous, Agnes. You should get a response on Etsy for them. I don'thave any pre-Cricut cards because I didn't discover card making until AFTER I got my Cricut. LOL Now I'm afraid I'm not using it enough but the carts keep rolling in. LOL xxD


Have a fun day!!!