Friday, October 29, 2010


Not too good here :( husband is sick and we all know how that goes. I have to chaperon tonight for him and I really hope he feels better tomorrow because we have a competition on Saturday and another one on Sunday. I can't do the competitions because they are too long and my health does not allow it. 

 I got at ACM the other day 3 new carts, each one for 35$. I couldn't let that sale just go by me, lol. 
I had to borrow money from my't that bad? lol.

Watch me Go 
is the card I made with 
Boys will be Boys.
The truck was cut at 3 inches high and so was the inside phrase too.

 This cartridge is really nice. Easy to layer and the images are very cool. 
As boys will say..."Cool Mom, Cool" not cute :)
The truck was popped on foam squares and I used all the layers from the image.
The "Watch me Go" is from a stamp set I own from Recollections,



  1. What a cute card.
    Very happy colors :)


  2. How fun and cool! Great deal! You'll have to fill me in on the other carts you got! I wish there was an ACM around here! Or an Archiver's! I've never been to either! What kind of competition?? I hope your hubby is feeling better soon!

  3. Amiga, que linda te quedo!!! I really like the vibrant colors you always use!!!

  4. I love it!! SO CUTE!!!!!! You come up with the best colors!! All so bright and happy.

    Feel better :)
    I went to pain mgment yesterday and she said everyone was having issues because the weather is FINALLY changing here.

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  6. AWESOME CARD! I just have to get this cart. Love the bright colors you used. Sorry about above as my typos were so bad I had to start over! TFS

  7. Super cute! I love this cart and want it. THANKS FOR SHARING!

  8. Cool Card! its so fun...and have fun with your new carts..I still need to play with my new Winter Frolic I just got the other day...I hope your husband feels better soon.

    Hugs, Sheena

  9. So adorable!I love this cartridge! I hope your hubby feels better. Mine is sick too:-(

    Take care!


  10. very cute card. I hope you feel better. Have a great weekend.


  11. Agnes!!! What an adorable card! And the colors are so lively! It seems like I haven't bought a cart in forever, guess I'll have to borrow some money from my son -- heeee-heeee!!!

    We'll just pray on the hubby gettting better so someone can be at the competition supporting your son. Overall, I just hope he feels better real soon anyway!

  12. VERY cute card! Hope your hubby feels better!!!

    I still have to get my butt in the craft room. Good for you for getting some new carts. I have a wishlist going and keep getting outbid on Ebay. But thankfully Christmas is coming soon :-)

    Hope you have a good weekend!!! -Sam :-)

  13. This is super cute!!!! I love this and wish I had boys to use it
    You did a great job. I need to list all of my items when I post... I really enjoy reading what you use. TFS
    Hope the hubby feels better.

  14. That dump truck is so cool my son would love that!! (the test tubes came from wal mart, $2!!) Have a lovely weekend, hope your hubby gets to feeling better.

  15. your card is so darn cute. I hope your husband gets to feeling better. Dont feel bad I borrow from my son too. ha

  16. OMG!!!! This is adorable! Love the bright colors! xxD


Have a fun day!!!