Tuesday, January 18, 2011


 i want to take a moment here and thank you all for the prayers and best wishes. it touches my heart and i appreciate you taking the time to say it. i go to the doctors today and see what kind of magic wand she has ;p...i will update as soon as possible, in the meantime i am still dealing with the situation.

we had to get inspired by a children's game this week at
and i remember playing Bingo with my family since i was a very young girl. we also played lots of dominoes. these games bring back lots of nice childhood memories.

and...since you all know i am in love with the inch bag from tags, bags, boxes and more--cricut cartridge--i decided to use it again. 
this be inch bag is a very versatile cut and you can weld to it or re-size it any way you want.
below is my project for the challenge.
5 inch bag
(this was the second one i made since i wasn't pleased with the other one--;p)
the "adore" bingo cards are from jenni bowlin--i had one of these for a while-while now, and since i wanted to use more than one for this project, i scanned it and printed a bunch of them :P--the markers are the little hearts, cute huh?--you also can see the dry embossing. i used a sizzix folder which i always put through my cuttlebug with no problems.
i have used two different kind of twine and a crinkle ribbon from kristen and a bit of ink here and there. 

added a heart charm, some bling and done...simple right? well not that simple since i am so very picky, lol.

this is it for today.

hope you like it and i will be back as soon as possible.

love you all--!!
and welcome to my new followers, yay--!! 
a big hug to all of you--!!


  1. awesome card. Bingo and dominos were big favorites of ours growing up too. I should get my kids to play. Hoping the wand has a magical cure for you :)

  2. This is just the cutest!!! Of course, I'm not surprised, everything you touch with those crafty fingers turns into something just jaw dropping!!!

    P.S. I want to know what the doctor said/did!!!


  3. I love it- you know back in the day.. I was a bingo caller I know I cant believe I admitted it online either!! But seriously cute card!

  4. Wowo! love this project and the theme is just perfect, I am glad your getting into the doc and hope she does have the magic wand ready to feel better soon.


  5. These are really neat! Love em - crossing my fingers for the doctor visit today that the magic wand has extra sparkly dust for you today!

  6. Super cute Agnes!! Love the embossing. Hope you are feeling okay, good luck!

  7. Do I hear a BINGO?? Yes it is for you! right on the spot, funny we had the same ideas, but what you said great minds.....that's why we met at the CB, it was destiny! LOL
    Love your take at the challenge! I still love BINGO, it is great!

    What a lovely project with so much detail, love the heart!


    Jannie, your CTM from the Cuttlebugspot

  8. Perfect as usual! Goodluck at the doctors. :)

  9. so cool! I was this close to using this inspiration but your vision is so much better! xxD

  10. Agnes,
    Bingo is a family favorite of ours too! Love that touch of blue spiral cut paper--adds the perfect "pop"!

  11. Wow do I love your project....it has a vintage feel to it..great job.

  12. Beautiful Agnes.....love the vintage look to it!

    Thinking of you and hope you are fighting fit again real soon! :)

  13. OMG... You never let me or anyone down with all your talents! I LOVE everything about it.. but I always love everything you do! I read your post... I hope you are on the right path... my Dad has MS and I know from what I see about his constant pain and aches! My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you!


Have a fun day!!!