Monday, January 17, 2011


hello my friends

as you know i have been sick with "whatever" and i feel better on that "whatever" but not 100% better yet :(.
now i have terrible lower back pain that shoots down to both legs and i think i am getting my son's cold too. i can't win but, whatever right? put my big girl "smile" on and move forward, lol.
this tuesday i am going to see a rheumatologist for my chronic pain and see if she can help me a bit with some new medicines. i will keep you updated. i have bee suffering with this for over 15 years and i tell you it is not getting any better :( every day seems to get worse.

anyhow, since i belong to that awesome charity blog "The Lime Light", where we make crafts to help fund others with their needs, i want to show you what i have been working on.
some of these cards are non-cricut but we have to think "out of the cricut box" sometimes, right?;p  and since i have all these store bought embellishments that i am in love with, -big grin here-- and can't just leave them on their store shelves...i decided to use some of them for a good purpose and make some cards.
i made 12 cards for january and i will be making 12 bookmarks for february. i might make something else but i can commit for too many right now because i need to get "my situation" under control here.

here are my cards

you might recognize some of the cards background ;p
they are from a store bought set too. i do not know if the photos give them justice but i know they are really pretty in real life. all i did was add some touches with glitter, white gel pen, stamps from MPS, punches, and the mixed die cuts...see how pretty?

 i am also taking this post to mention "i am so honored" gisella from
asked me to participate in her blog hop to celebrate her blog-anniversary and of course i said yes. gisella is a very talented young woman and i sincerely  love her work. she also has many tutorials in her blog that i enjoy watching. soooo...this hop is from GISELLA and for gisella's 
 blog anniversary.


gisella has a great line-up for us and you and some prizes along the way. mark your calendars and join us in the celebration--!!

you guys take care and i will be back tomorrow tuesday with a cuttlebug spot challenge.

love you all--!!


  1. Agnes, you know I'm not at all happy to hear you're in such pain!!! Please-please get to the doctor! You weren't hesitant to tell me, so now that the same advice. I'll be waiting to hear what the results are!!!

    Now, for your cards, as always they are just beautiful1!! All of them!

  2. Ohhh Anges, I'm sorry to hear you are in so much pain my friend :0(. I will be praying for you to get better real soon :0) ! Your cards are just amazing! I love all the colors and the cuts are so much fun! Can't wait for the hop :0). Feel better!
    HUgs, Carol L.

  3. HUGS friend. I hope you're feeling better soon!
    Love the cards too.

    More hugs,

  4. I am praying that you will find some relief! I love the cards here my friend they are so bright and just beautiful!
    Hugs, Jenny

  5. Your cards are gorgeous. I hope your Dr. can find something that can ease your pain. Hugs.

  6. Hey sweets! Sorry to hear that you are miserable as well. If I hear of a miracle pain killer I'll let you know. :) --- In the meantime we'll wear our big girl smiles and keep on craftin'. I thought it was big girl panties though? Well, we'll do both. Hee hee hee. These cards are simply marvelous darling!

  7. Hello Friend
    Iam wishing and praying that youfeel better very soon, I love all the cards what a great collection of happiness:)

  8. I love all these colorful..I really hope you feel better soon, I have been thinking about you..I wonder if acupuncture would help?? I hope the dr is able to help figure something out :)

    Hugs, Sheena

  9. these cards are adorable :) Thank you so much for participating on the blog hop, the pleasure is all mine!!

  10. Hi, I'm so sorry to hear you are not well, and hope you're feeling much better soon.
    I would like to email you re Alyssa, but cannot find your address anywhere.
    Take care of yourself,
    Luv, Tereesa.

  11. hey hon, your cards are just beautiful and I'm praying for your health so you can continue to inspire with your wonderful creations! xxD


Have a fun day!!!