Tuesday, March 1, 2011


 hello my friends,
between the gym and household chores is a miracle i still alive, lol
 today is a sunny day here in my neighborhood and that should recharge my batteries for a bit.

i am also taking my son to an oral surgeon for a consultation/scheduling on his wisdom wisdom teeth surgery. the bottom ones are sideways and of course they need to be removed. i never had my wisdom teeth so maybe that is why i still a goof--hehe

Ouch! :  Hat pins
this is my take,
Always Laugh
4.25h by 5.5w 
this flower is huge...flowerdisco went crazy this time--hehe

thanks to the spender in me, i bought these hat pins at J's because they were on clearance and i said to myself we never know when we are going to need them, ;p. 
here is a pic of them:
they have different sentiments and i love the font and material used for them, don't you?

anyhow, i looked in my ribbon box and i saw this kind of wide cheap lace :( and i decided to make a flower.
it came out huge, lol, but nonetheless i was decided to use it on my card--go figure.

the fabric button is another clearance find from k&co.

and the paper lace we all know it from the martha stewart collection of punches. i also used it in the inside.

sorry about the "glub" of glue on the white square piece of cardstock. i did not realize it until now. i will take care of it with my x-acto knife later on.

you can see the flower wasn't really attached to the card--wink!!!!
my son still thinks i am a goof, especially when i come to him with these atrocious ideas, lol.
the little white square is very useful as you will see below.

you can see the embossed patterned paper, right? i had to have my embossing in. after all is for the cuttlebug spot :)
 aha!!!!!!!! yeah, you are seeing right ;p. i put another hair pin (a real one) on the back of the ribbon that was glued to the lace flower that was pinned to the white little square--hehe.

now, you can remove the flower and use it as a real hat pin, hair pin, brooch, put it anywhere you want 
that was my genius and or atrocious idea for today. lmbo

so what do you think? hehe...flowerdisco just lost it!!!!!!!!!!

i bet you can do better with some kind of those glubbers  that are so popular right now. 
but you get the idea here first,.
right? right.

play along with us at 
and also enjoy yourself looking at what my team mates have prepare for this week of 
Ouch! Hat Pins
love you all!


  1. Came out great and what a great idea with your hat pins. Love how big the flower is. :)

  2. That is awesome. Love the 'Hat Pin' and the MSP is so cool. Just got it, can't wait to use!
    Thank you for sharing.. absolute inspiration!!

  3. I love the idea that you can take out use this as a hair clip too! What a creative idea that you can have your card transformed into fashion. I love the tip on the pins being on clearance at Jo-Ann's!:0) XOXO, Julie.

  4. Love it...the hat pins are adorable..I love the lettering also. Beautiful flower :)

  5. I think it turned out darling. Love the lace flower with the lace on the card. also love the fact that the flower can be reused! good going! tfs!

  6. LOVE IT. came out beautiful. thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow! This is just lovely. Love the flower and that border punch is gorgeous! Fun stick pins. I would have never thought to have sentiments on the stickpins. Great idea!

  8. Hi Agnes!
    The hat pins are adorable! Now, there's a NEW thing I'm going to have to be keeping my eyes opened for! LOVE that the flower is a clip!! May be "lifting" that idea soon! Your card turned out beautiful! Keep up the XLCNT work!
    Hugs from R.I.,
    PS If you really think you "lost it", then WELCOME! At least I'm not alone! LOL

  9. Great idea!!! I love your humongous flower!!! It rocks! :D

  10. Beautiful Girl!!! I have been getting into making hair bows/clips here in the past week and this is fabulous then you made it part of the card WOW!!! you just ROCK GIRLIE:)

  11. so funny...as I was reading your post in the beginning I said to myself that the flower would make a fabulous pin for a jacket....guess we were thinking alike! Love those hat pins :)

  12. Love the lace Agnes!
    Good luck to your son, my daughter just had that done in December. I don't have wisdom teeth either!!

  13. Hi sweetie, this is so beautiful, what a great flower! And those pins are very unique!

    Love the folder, it is one of my favorites too!

    Jannie X

  14. Oh Agnes, this is just GORGEOUS! First of all I ADORE those pins. What a find! And the colors and that beauful lace flower...WOW! So cool that you can remove it for wearing. LOVE the embossing on the patterned card stock. Really a winner! xxD

  15. Love the hatpins, and what a clever card!!! I love how you can remove the beautiful flower to use as a hair clip!!

    Great job as always!!!

  16. Such a beautiful card! Love the lace flower and stick pin!!!

  17. I love how you have made the embellishment easy to remove and use for decorating a hat or something else. Top Idea! I hope your son's dental work does not cost the earth. I know in the US medical treatment can be so costly.

  18. LOVE your hatpin card. It is so pretty. I also love that it turns into a present. :)


  19. These are just so lovely!!! It's 2 gifts in one...a homemade card from the heart and a detachable clip! They are a really cute idea! I love those pins! TFS and thanks for always stopping by with your encouraging comments! I love hearing from you! Good luck to you and your son with the appt. I say OUCH to that(bad experience)!

  20. Those are some nifty hat pins. I love that they spell out words. Your flower is cute and the fact that you can use it for other things - BRILLIANT!

  21. This is beautiful, and so cool that you can remove the flower and use it elsewhere.

  22. This is an amazing project!

    Stop by my blog and pick up the award I left there for you!



  23. Great hat pins and your card is just lovely.


Have a fun day!!!