Saturday, March 5, 2011


hello to all

i have to tell you guys why i am not around much anymore. since i added the gym to my almost daily routines (and that along takes a lot out of me) i am finding less time to blog. i am fine but i want you all to know it will be like this for a while. sometimes more blogging sometimes less. 
i also have been getting the house in order for spring, doing lots of laundry, taking care of personal things and doctors appointments. 
talking about doctors appointments---my son will be having his wisdom teeth removed sometime in summer. the surgeon was a young doctor and he was very pleasant. it is always nice feeling comfortable with the doctor. it means a lot.
i am also working on a mini album (mostly on-cricut) and i haven't make a mini in a while :(. i want to put it up for sale on etsy and trying to keep my shop going. the extra tiny income will be very well needed when my son starts college since i guess i will be money-less then, lol. so...i said to myself--agnes, better start trying to get some extra cash and the only way you can do it is trying to sell your handmade stuff --. hehe
let's see how it goes. wish me luck. etsy is getting like ebay---very busy and your listing gets buried among other listings very-very fast. i am trying to stay afloat there.

this is something i listed on my shop a few days ago. i made it mostly with kraft cardstock which seems i am in love with for a while now ;p

Travel Mini Card Set
bag 5 inch tall

i love how it came out. this envelope is from just because cards and i added that ticket shaped on the side and it looks so cute. that was done out of necessity to make sure the envelope wouldn't open later on and if it did it was going to be secured.
the paper used is from "me and my big ideas".

below is a collage of pics from the set.
 all vintage looking like me but i hope you still like it--hehe
hey, an inspiration is an inspiration, right?

love you all!


  1. Love the set, and I hear you about being busy!!! I should be adding the gym to my daily routine as well. :)

  2. WOW, gorgeous, Agnes! A FAB addition to your shop! Good for you with the gym. I really need to get myself going again and the chores are piling up as well. Hope to get organized like you are. xxD

  3. really came out so great. love it

  4. The set is gorgeous Agnes! Striking!

  5. Hi Agnes, these cards are fab! I could not find a link to your etsy store though?
    Thanks for your comment over at SGL. THose animals in my layout ARE REAL! It was awesome at the Bali Safari. You could get up close and personal with the animals. Sophie was looking so sad in a couple of the pics as she was not happy about sitting around in the cafe whilst the adults finished lunch. Hence the title - Sugar and SPice. LOL.
    Are you interested in a guest design spot on SGL on Someone Something Sunday? Let me know.

  6. Hi, Agnes!!! You mini is superb!!!

    Good for you getting in some exercise!!! We have a home exercise room and wouldn't you know I never ever go back there!!! No exercise motivated at all, although I really need it!!!

    Love ya!

  7. so pretty! congrats on fitting the gym in everyday! I think I've been inspired!
    liz :o)

  8. Hi your travel mini, I'm a real fan of vintage! The Gym....well I give it a lot of thought, I should do what you are doing. LOL
    Look forward to seeing more of your creations when you have the time :)

  9. Love the set...I love kraft cardstock too...every color or pattern paper looks so good on it..especially faux stitching with white gel pen. I need to work on my weekly card..might just do the pink stampers challenge for know how my end of week was a pretty rough weekend as well. Now to working on my card. Talk to you soon.

    Hugs, Sheena

  10. Jump to my blog and grab your award when you have time. I need to send you an email. Got a med question. Glad to see your are doing great and fitting in that exercise. God bless!

  11. Aloha Agnes, thanx for stopping by and your nice comments! You sure are busy too, I wish you all the best with the sales. We allll know every little bit helps anytime! Hugs, J:)

  12. Great set! I am happy you are going to the gym- this should help. I got my butt going almost a year ago & haven't stopped (turns out it's not permanent & you have to make it a "lifestyle"-hate that word!) SO I keep going & it's changed my life! I still suffer from stiff joints but I've lost 27 lbs. & feel 10 years younger. (on good days) I wish you all the best & success on your Etsy site!!! ALso- thanks for your sweet comments-they lift my spirits!

  13. So proud of you for going to the gym! Love the card set, especially the colors! Wishing you lots of luck with your Etsy sales...I know, if High School is any indication we are in for big trouble with collage and all the money :)

  14. Hi Agnes, I love your Mini Card Set.. The colors/paper are just perfect and you know I love distressing!!!!
    So glad you're doing well, and I hear you about blogging... sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day to do everything... So happy to hear that you are still going to the gym!! Take care!!! Hugs!!!


Have a fun day!!!