Saturday, February 18, 2012

RUFF DAY?---card using the fancy frames stand

i hope you all had a great weekend.

i had time to play a bit in my craft room and i tell you, no matter how much i try to be organized and have a spot for everything, it never works. i dream of one day i will find the perfect layout. :-)

anyway, i had purchased this fancy frames cricut cart a while ago. the reason i chose to buy this cart was because the frame stand. i like to make my cards onto little table frames when possible, and this cart was perfect for my purpose. 

Ruff day?
(because the kind of day i was having in the craft room and lulu was not making things easier for me either, lol)
the cute dog is from sweethearts and the pretty paper from a company called gcd.
(i have tons of papers - i know you do too-we all do, lol- and this one has been with me for a long while.
 sometimes i do not want to use them because they are so pretty, but i think one day i will make an album for all the good looking papers i own.

see the tear drop on the left?...hehe. it is the tongue cut, but because i was having a ruff 
the real tongue i cut in red. i used glossy accents to enhance it and a mini square rhinestone was added to the collar for the bling we all least iknow i do. :-)

same glossy accent was added to the paw print and the sentiment is from my pink stamper. she has the best punnies ever. the mini butterfly is from a martha stewart's paper punch.

this is the inside using a 1$ clear stamp.

and finally the "stand". 
notice the first piece i cut i adhered it too low and was not standing properly.
 i had to cut another and positioned it a bit higher. i added the layers to the inside of the card for support, the front was a bit too heavy, and kept coming forward---something to keep in mind for the future..hehe
the frames in this cart are very nice and i would think they would work even better in scrapbook pages.

well, well....this is the end for now but before i leave i wanted to share with you three photos of a tree i planted last year---you know i like gardening too, lol. love gardening, i better say.---
anyway, i made "THIS CARD", all inspired by when i first saw tree on the internet.
the tree is a local and is called witch hazel. it is medicinal too. the fringes (flowers) are supposed to be yellow but mine came out red. this is why i bought the tree, because of them, because they bloom in winter---yes!!! in winter...awesome!!! the tree will loose it leaves and then these awesome flowers will be the showcase in winter.

here are the photos

see how pretty? 
and the tree is a baby yet. i can't wait for it to mature.

now, this is really all for today.
soon i will be starting yard clean up but before i have to start some seeds. i do this every year. some live and some don't but i do not care. it is a pleasure when they do.

take care now and big hug to all. 
thanks for stopping by too.


  1. You know me, I'll just rip the bandaid right off. LOL! There is no perfect layout in a scraproom. Because we keep hauling stuff home. :) Love the puppers and the trees. Glad your feeling better too. I haven't been blogging and just posted again today, so I have some catching up to do. It was a pleasure coming to visit you as usual. Take care sweets!

  2. This is so cute! Love the great paper! Great flowers they are very pretty and unique!

  3. Ohhhh, sweetie, I've got to use that cart -- I have it too but it's still in the box. Love your card and the stand for it! You always come up with great card projects, love them all!!!

    The flowers are different and so pretty! Great pictures of them!

    I'll be back, my friend!

  4. Adorable!! I hope your day got better. I love the Pattern Paper-PP you used. I also love the glossy accents. The tree looks pretty. :) Have a great day dear friend.

    Hugs, Sheena

  5. Awesome!!!!
    I sooooo want a witch hazel tree now....

  6. Love this! Love the puppy cut in patterned paper. Thanks for sharing :D

  7. Forgot to say, your witch hazel is gorgeous!!!!

  8. Such a cute lil' pup! Love the glossy accents on the paw print too! Thank you for taking the time to visit my means a lot!

  9. Cute!. Love your printed pup. The stand is pretty neat .
    I don't have that cart. But that might just be the reason to get it.
    hugs, DIANA L.Have fun in your yard.

  10. Agnes, your card pup is so very beautiful! I love him. I read your post on a day that was ruff for me also--so it was a piece of sunshine! Thanks.
    Nice to learn about the witch hazel. I wonder if it would bloom in a MN winter?

  11. Love the Puppy card, so cute. The details are Agnes unique...fantastic.
    Also, love the Witch Hazel tree and I want one. Do you know what zone's they can live in? I am ready to get in the yard this summer as well. With the massive lawnscaping last summer, has left us with replacing plants and trees. Can't wait.
    Going to play catch up with Blogging now.
    Have a great weekend!
    Dee B

  12. Also, how have you been? Hope all is well with you.

    Take Care!
    Dee B


Have a fun day!!!