Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SWEET- a wall decor project

i do not know about you, but i am ready for spring. it does not matter that we hardly had any snow, or cold weather for that matter. i am skipping the gold from the irish for

 here i made a wall art decor. i already made some simple ones, but this one took me a bit longer. 
my inspiration was seeing my spring flowers already showing the green tops above the ground.

3.5 by 7"
pretty, uh?

i had/have these pieces of chipboard in my stash,  from albums i never altered---- they are like almost 1/4 of an inch thick and that is the base for my frame. 

this awesome tag is from k&co. i distressed it a bit with ink and added a bit if stickles to match the rest of the embellishments.

the sweet word is from paisley (cricut cart)---i wet embossed it with thick clear embossing powder and inked the edges too. i cut it four times, and glued the cuts together for dimension. after you have done this, they look like chipboard, and you get to use some of that cardstock in your stash before it rots, lol.

the square and circle are from the same k&co pack and the yellow pleated ribbon from recollections. the heart is from an old miss elizabeth product.

i made the holes with the pink crop-a-dile and added some eyelets and wire. the crop-a-dile is an awesome tool. it goes through everything--, including tin from pantry cans and new holes on your belt and sneakers if needed. ;p

this is the back. 
i added that strip of paper with re-enforcers to add sustainability.

here you can see the thickness of the chipboard.

and these, precious flowers below, are my own-- handmade.
i used ribbon, a needle with thread, made a few stitches until i gathered the 4 inches piece of ribbon and then glued it with my glue gun...ouch!!!. i got burned a few times. (i have to find a better way to make them)
 but----i LOVED the final product. you should try to make some.
 i also added a tear drop shape faux jewel to serve as a leaf. so cute!

any questions, please do not hesitate to ask...just shoot me an email or write on the comment area.

---thanks for stopping by---
your visits fuel my creativity and keep me crafting.
 thanks again!


  1. So pretty! I love all the Spring colors. I'm so ready for Spring as well. This has been a very weird

    Hugs, Sheena

  2. Very the spring colors. The gathered ribbon is lovely...the heart is such a nice touch...sorry you got burned! My opinion on this sorry winter season...if winter doesn't want to come, then let's move on to spring!! :-) TFS!

    ~Sharon C.

  3. Love LOVE this! So springy and cheery and the colors are beautiful.

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  5. This looks incredible Agnes, I love all the little tiny details---that little yellow ribbon & button---love it!!


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