Monday, March 26, 2012

JINGER ADAMS DESIGN TEAM CALL... and what i have been up to

you all know that misses jinger adams (spokesperson for provo craft and the "we all want to be like her" kind of gal, lol) has a new blog, and is looking for a design team
you all know by now, i was the first one applying, hehe. i always loved jinger's work, even when i was not a scrapbooker of sorts, hehe, since i  mostly make cards and play with paper but, i wanted to show you the "why".
i have been collecting these since i first found jinger's work. i believe she used to have a company named "just jinger"
 any how, here is what i have from her old days as a entrepreneur....would that be the right word to describe her beginners in the industry? 
I do not know but i do know i love her work, her style and she is just beautiful--inside and out.
and i am not trying to earn any browny points here, hehe,
but to let you know why i had to apply for her new design team. 
wish me well, but be aware that negative thoughts will be discarded, lol
 i have here 4 file folder cards and,
 three photo albums.

the "design team call" ends on march 31st and you still have plenty of time to add your project.
click HERE, if you haven't been there yet. or, 
click HERE,
  to go to "the scrapboking queen blog" who is taking care of business for misses jinger adams.

and on the other side of my business...hehe,
 the "what i have been up to" is below
hehe..that is my living room packed with all i had in the attic. we had some insulation work done up there and had to empty its content. now, this will be my job for many long days, since i want to get rid of tons of stuff i can't be hoarding any longer, lol. oh, and i have some more in the garage and in the shed. this is going to kill me with pain but someone has to do it and guess who that is--ME :(
 "maybe i should have an online attic sale"

take care now and thanks for stopping by my humble blog.


  1. Yes she had a company before called Just Ginger. I used to watch her a lot when she was guessing at a TV Show called Scrapbook Memories. Wishing you the Best of Luck my friend.


  2. Good luck on the DT call Agnes! Looks like you've been one busy lady!!!! ;)

  3. Agnes I am pulling for you for Jinger's DT. I still can't believe Jinger is no longer with PC. She is coming out with a line of Shoes with Kristie...I believe that was on her FB page...sounds exciting.
    BTW-a big thanks to you for introducing me to the Wednesday Wobbles Challenge. I couldn't remember where it came from. I like to give credit where credit is due...thank you...thank you.
    Have a great week!
    Dee B

  4. Good Luck on the DT call!! You look like you have been super busy. Me on the other hand I have been Just getting some spring cleaning done actually.

    Hugs, Sheena


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