Monday, April 2, 2012

A BANNER... using my old george and basic shapes

my son was home 2 weeks ago for a spring break and since he was so exhausted from classes i wanted to remind him every moment he needed to relax. it worked a bit but with so many friends looking for him, he just had a one or two day to  do nothing, lol.
i made this banner and hung it on one of his bedroom windows as a reminder...hehe

i used george and basics shapes because i was too lazy to look what other cartridge i have had a banner like this one. i lost all my files with the last gypsy update, so i do not have a pic of the welding that was done to recreate it. i do remember was the rectangle and a triangle.
i made the rosettes myself and can't remember what font i used.. i used twine to hang it and it looks so darn pretty in his room.

this one pic is on my entrance to the kitchen so i could get good light for the photograph.

i thought to share it with you. they sell them on etsy for over $25 and i have seen them for even more. they are worth the money, you can embellish them as much as your heart desire. this one was for a male so not much bling but just some. hehe


DAILY LIFE: we decided to put all the stuff that was already toted in the attic and the rest that was in cardboard boxes we put in the garage. we couldn't deal with the chaos we had. hehe. now, another 7 years before i deal with it again. rotfl. 

back to normal
just a few small totes by the big couch, i will remove soon, lol. 

 thanks for stopping by,
you are all very welcome anytime.


  1. This is so cute. Hope it helped to make him relax. :)

  2. Fun banner! It is a god reminder!

  3. The banner is gorgeous Agnes! I so like your color choice. And I like the top and bottom borders of the flags!

  4. Great banner Agnes, I tink the rosettes & font look terrific!!

  5. Great Banner for your Son. Love the Rosettes and how whole thing turned out. Perfect for the occasion. Hope you had a great time with him. Hope all is well with you.

    Have a greate week!
    Dee B

  6. I should try making rosettes one day......Love the banner, its very masculine looking , PERFECT:)

  7. LOVE your banner. Great tip to use the shapes on George to make a banner like this...perfect. Love the rosettes and the color too. Adorable! :)

  8. Great banner! I hope your son enjoyed his time home :)

    Hugs, Sheena

  9. Love the banner. Nice to get things back in order


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