Monday, August 27, 2012

A BIRTHDAY CARD....with a stamped background

what did you think of the smithsonian exhibit photos? we had a great time but there are so many things to see we did not have time for it all. another visit will be schedule :P
we also visited the botanic garden. i have a few pics of that too for another day, wink-wink.

for now i will show you a card i made for a friend. i stamped the background and added subtle touches of glitter (stickles), a border and butterflies from martha and another clear stamp for the sentiment.

Happy Birthday
4.25 x 5.5 inches tall
i even did some sewing, lol.
so simple and so cute.
now, go and take your stamps out and try it. give the cricut a day break, lol.

see u soon.

Daily Life:
we are taking our son back to BOSTON this week. what a heartache! ;(
GARDENING is not doing too well. plants are in a temporary spot. rabbits are very hungry. i will have to move some of them to another spot asap.

here are some pics:

this last one is russian sage. i thought i killed it when moved it but not: it is resuscitating. 

ok, this is it for now.
see U around!
and thanks for stopping by because i do not feel i am talking to myself, lol.


  1. Pretty Birthday card! I love the stamped background :) Love the pics of he flowers..they look great :)

    Hugs, Sheena

  2. Your card is so pretty! Those 3-D butterflies are incredible! XOXO, Julie. :0)

  3. Pretty flowers, and your card looks great---I'm with Julie, I like the 3D butterfly effect!!

  4. Hey, sweetie!!! Wanted to drop in to say hi! Of course you're card is wonderful!

  5. Hi Sweet Agnes
    Your card is very pretty. I love the base color. I like the stamping w a bit of 3D embellishing. Very smooth.

    Enjoy your last summer days w your son. You will see him soon.

  6. Hello Agnes........pretty card, love the simplicity, the rows of stitching look great! Enjoyed the pics of your garden too! Hope you are well. Sometimes it is very hard to visit all the time.....thinking of you:)

  7. This is super cute. I have worked for the plastic business cards and this card inspire me so much. Thanks for sharing this adorable creation.

  8. Very nice card Agnes. Haven't been here in a while. Hopefully that will change soon. LIFE just gets in the way (lol). Smooches...


Have a fun day!!!