Sunday, July 28, 2013

SNOW GLOBE... a shape and shake card

my term with the cutting cafe is coming to an end. this coming month of august will be my last month. regina has asked us to stay but my november and december months are very busy at home and i rather sit this term out.

and talking about december we are asked to make a project with the snow globe or christmas cards. i chose the snow globe and despite is is a card you can use this file for christmas ornaments, banners, embellishments for albums and more.

Snow Globe Shape and Shaker Card 
4 inches tall
-today i just have one pic-

another very easy pdf file to cut by hand if you do not own a digital cutter.
the hollies are from another file which i re sized to this smaller size. here are more instructions and tips on how to customize these files.

you see i added the red beads inside the globe and that i used a layer of vellum.

you know you can win some files at the cutting cafe just for leaving a comment.

here is the link in case you want to participate:

and another snow globe card for you to see and there will also be what w=else comes in this set.

again, my teammates are fabulous and you also might want to see what they made.
lots of inspiration at the cutting cafe.

thank you for stopping by, your visits are always appreciated.


  1. Hi Friend
    Your globe is very pretty. Great colors. I like using deep red and gold for Cmas. I like the snowflake embellishments on the OUTSIDE of the globe. I also like how you made a "border" for the globe rather then making it line up equally.

  2. Perfect card to turn into a shaker

  3. this shaker came out stinkin cute....

  4. Cute shaker card :)



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