Wednesday, January 28, 2015


hello bloggers, family and friends.
hope you are ok. 
we skipped the blizzard and got just a few inches of snow. i will put pics at the end of the post.
up north of us were the worse. 
hopefully, all are well and no one lost nothing.

today i want to start the series using bits and pieces
they will be scheduled to go up on wednesdays.

i was late with my first, :(
i started making this banner yesterday, then it got too late to take pics. 
i took the pics this morning in a hurry so excuse me if they are not the best.
i have many things to do today and wanted to post asap in case i do not have a chance later on.

here we go.

a valentine's banner
 if you will be following this series i think it is important to explain this:
the images in design space are not in the same order of the handbook, as you might already know.
i will be identifying any images used in these projects by the number they were assigned in design space.

---polka dot tag is #M100103
---hearts #MFB1D2
---font is from cake basics

the tags were cut at 4.25"
but you can cut them smaller or bigger, it is your preference.

---hope you like it--- 
i do not think i will be able to do every single image but i will do the ones i like the most.

now here are some pics from the snow:



have a great week fellows,
and thanks or taking a peek.


  1. Love the banner! Oh boy, glad you guys didn't get as much snow.


  2. Your banner is charming Agnes. I like those classic colors and the polka dots!


Have a fun day!!!