Wednesday, February 4, 2015


i do not know about you but i am getting a bit overwhelmed with all the bits and pieces in this cart, lol
(i can feel this is going to be a short series)

0h! and did i tell you i got the monthly cricut subscription? i love it. just looking at all those images in color opens a new world of possibilities and dreams. ha! i can also feel mine are dreams, just dreams, hehe,  because i am so busy these days with nothing. when i say nothing is the days just go by and there i am, stuck doing nothing, lol. oh well, pain is insane. gotta make the best out of it all.
the weather has also been insane, it feels we are in the ice age, brrr!
(have been training lulu to use her "needs" pads since summer, in anticipation of bad weather and also for when we go out and she has to stay behind. she does pretty good. i am proud of her. she is a smart cookie that lulu is.)

onto the bnp series: they were working on the design space software yesterday and i was having many difficulties. so i stopped, did some chores and took care of lulu's nails. by the time i was able to do any crafting i was already done for the day but i had done another cut for etsy so i will share that with you today.

Chevron Speech Bubbles  
image #MFC57C on design space

same ones in blue

and some mini cards 

and i also made more volkys (#MFC5E8)...sold the ones i had on etsy already.
 the green one for st patrick's day :)

and another love day one in red
hoping i will be in better shape and on time next wednesday,
until then,

take care.

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